“He’s a cripple. If I were him I would end my life now for he won’t be good at anything.” I was quite certain that people from miles away could hear his declaration.

“I don’t believe in that.” Jamie looked at me with a calculating gaze; trying to see the joke in my statement yet he knew there was none.

“Life is full of possibilities. Even the poorest of men can become powerful and even a cripple can become a hero.”

“You really don’t believe in that, right?” I smiled at him. Jamie’s face was mocking and his eyes were scrutinizing. Yet I knew that beneath that ego was a man lost in a world of greed.

“You don’t need to run to feel the wind on your face nor do you need to walk a thousand miles to see the sun. It’s a matter of dedication.”

– An excerpt from a book I may or may never write #Conversation 

– T.W.F 


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