Our meeting was unexpected.

Surprising. and maybe I did receive it with a bit of skepticism and hostility.

Yet, in my defense, I firmly believe that no one can resist watching your spontaneous entrances and all the more ignore your teasing jokes as you talk to a friend.

In my defense, no eyes can resist wandering at the sound of your laugh.


I thought that watching you was the only interaction we could ever have.

No matter how indirect.

Yet, again, I was made a fool of when circumstances brought us together and forced me to finally speak. Though speaking to you at last seemed like a weight taken off of me.

Hearing your jokes and seeing you laugh at such a close distance made the brightest of dawns seem dim.


I would replace a thousand dawns if it meant having those extra minutes.

Those extra minutes of blissful ignorance.


“So, you’re waiting for someone?”

“Yeah.” I swallowed and forced a smile. “He must be one good-looking guy then.”

“It’s not about the looks.” She teased yet my judgement told me of your seriousness.

“Come on, girls always go for the blond hair and blue eyes type.”

The way she stared at me for those rare moments of silence made me sweat and doubt if I said the wrong words.


What you said next made me question everything.


“Well, I’m glad I’m not one of those girls then.”

She was with someone already. I knew that much.

What was cruel, however, was the fast-pace beating of my heart and the shortening of my breath.


Lord, help me.

– T.W.F 



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