They always tell us as kids

That I can do what others can do.

If he can solve 15 Math problems

Then I could solve 15 Math problems

If she could speak in English

As fluent as a bird could sing

Then I could probably do the same thing.

Because we are taught under the principle

That we are all born equal.

And I believed that.

A few years has past

And, now, I’m going to tell you the truth

That we will never be equal

In life

In opportunities

And, dare I say it, in love too.

Because life is unfair

And justice is a safe word

For the rich

The white

And the powerful

But when the streets were flooded

With the colors of the rainbow during a bright, sunny day

And people were celebrating not only their sexuality

But their individuality

I thought, finally, love wins.

But, now, the air is filled with the humming of police cars

And the cries of desperate parents.

The floors are painted in red and unseen tears because

How can you not cry?

Knowing that a friend, a son, a brother

A lover has left you forever.

I am reminded that whatever law this government creates

Whatever words the Supreme Court sanctions

Hate is not a sickness that can be cured overnight.

So, the question is:

Will you let the disease take you?

Or will you be the cure?

Will you curse, and scream, and be that man with the gun in their hands?

Or will you be the first to offer their forgiveness

And show him the love he refuses to see.

Hate is a cycle

But to love is a choice.


– T.W.F


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