Favoring the Broken 

I never liked broken things.  I tend to dispose of mugs with cracks and falling pieces.  Replace a wrinkled paper with something new.  Nor do I buy a second-hand book because it's not mine, not really.  I don't like things that have been used.  But it seems with you,  I can make an exception. ...…


Sabi ng Magulang Ko

  (Disclaimer: This is written in my native tongue, Filipino. Also, the photo is not mine.)   Bata palang mahilig na ako makipaglaro Tumbang preso, piko, tagu-taguan   At minsan taya-tayaan hangang lahat kami Ay hindi na makahinga o makatakbo. Pero habang hinahabol ko ang aking kalaro Hindi ko napansin ang isang bato na sadyang…

Receive Your Fear with Kindness

Hug your fear like a friend abandoned in a sidewalk, With no clothes, no shelter on its head. Protect her from the rain pouring above you and take her into the comfort of your home. Feed her with the soup from your very own pot. Offer her the warmth of your worn-out couch and crisp…


A Promise of Old and New

People were starting to fill up the place. I didn’t have to see the lines of students nor did I have to hear the constant updates from my assistant on what’s happening outside the red curtains of the backstage. I only had to hear the constant murmur of voices and the light steps on the…


Please Let Love Win

They always tell us as kids That I can do what others can do. If he can solve 15 Math problems Then I could solve 15 Math problems If she could speak in English As fluent as a bird could sing Then I could probably do the same thing. Because we are taught under the…



#Conversation - T.W.F


Crossing the Gap

- T.W.F  (Background not mine)